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Frequently Asked Questions:

This answers the question of cost.  For a more detailed discussion on patent costs, please refer to our detailed Patent Insider Secrets™ blog post on the subject.

Getting started with Patent Insider® is simple.

1. What is our fee structure?

Patent Insider® has a Flat fee structure that is a sliding scale that varies based on the type of technology and complexity of invention.

2. How much does it cost?

It depends.  Patent Insider® has a Flat fee structure that is a sliding scale that varies based on the type of technology and complexity of invention.  For specific details, you would have to schedule a call with the practitioner who would let you know after learning more about your idea.

3. Why do I have to pay for an IP strategy session?

You are asking for customized patent legal advice from a registered practitioner, that can’t’ be accomplished in 15 minutes, nor is it a good idea to do so.  Engaging with a practitioner for an IP strategy session creates privilege and strict confidentiality for your consultation.  It allows you the opportunity to share the details of your invention in complete privacy.  It also allows you to get some preliminary IP strategy directly customized for your specific situation.  Plus if you chose to hire Patent Insider, the IP strategy session fee goes towards the cost of your services.

4. But I just want to know how much it costs now!

Engaging with a firm for Professional legal services is not the same as buying a carton of eggs from the supermarket or an item from Amazon.  It’s not as simple.  The patent drafting, prosecution, and IP strategy services are provided are on average valued at over $60,000 according to statistics.  When maintenance costs, costs of litigation, patent infringement defense, post grant proceedings before the USPTO, and international prosecution and associated legal fees are included, the cost increases from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost.

A granted patent can be an asset of almost unlimited value depending on the market for the technology covered by the patent.  Before you invest the time, energy, and resources in the application, you need to give yourself the best opportunity to understand what’s involved as well as to know that the team that is working for you is a great fit.  This is the type of professional culture and winning attitude we deliver at Patent Insider®.

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