“Thank you Tariq for the kind words…you were a big part of this applications success!!! We had two other divisional patents granted from this application in related art. Best regards”
-Jay, Corporate Aviation/Aerospace Innovator
“Thank you so much for all your hard work and achieving this great milestone. I really appreciate your strategy and effort applied throughout the process and helping our small business to take next steps...Once again thank you for helping us!”
-S., CEO Beverage Container Company
“I really appreciate your [Patent Insider’s] deep understanding of the work therein. Thanks.”
-J.J., Cryptography Innovator
“Tariq was very insightful, helpful and kind. I would recommend this organization to anyone who is searching for the way forward in the intellectual material development and protection process. Thanks for the help!”
-Moy, Inventor
“We had a great and thorough patent research experience with Tariq. It really help us prepare for our filing. It was clear he understood the complications of the technology. He met all agreed upon deadlines and provided insightful explanations of his findings.”
-J. Buck, Software Innovator
“Tariq was very helpful and resourceful. He took the time to listen and answer all the questions I had about patents and trademarks. Now I know I have someone a call away to help and direct all my patent and trademark questions.“
-A. Wilson, Innovator
“I personally consulted with Patent Agent, Mr. Tariq Najee-ullah, from Patent Insider. His depth of information and level of expertise in patent law is excellent. Patent Insider provided fast and professional patent/legal services. I highly recommend working with them.“
-A. Rehman, M.D.
“Tariq is very knowledgeable and has been able to outline the process of getting patents and answer all the questions. I had just an initial consultation with him so far, but he made me comfortable in his skillset and experience.”
– Alex, Innovator
“The service and information I received from Patent Insider has been priceless. I only leave reviews when I’ve been blown away by a product or service, their service is truly worth the effort of giving them a call, and the rest will speak for itself. All the best.“
-A. Bello, Product Developer
“Tariq was very knowledgeable! He helped me figure out my best plan of action and also provided a lot of resources. He took his time listening to my situation and gave specific advice, unlike many who give general solutions and information.
Tariq also informed me that he would be able to work with me on pricing to accommodate my limited budget. He was a huge help and I look forward to working with him in the future!“
— L. Lipscomb, Product Developer
“Getting patent work completed is a very complex and specifically detailed invention endeavor; Patent Insider was able to help me simplify the requirements necessary to file and protect my invention. You need a technical and tactical patent insider who knows the landscape of patents to correctly help you file and complete your technical patent submissions. Tariq is one of the Patent Insider professionals who helped me from this organization; not only does he have experience in the US patent office, but he also has an engineering background which helped me to feel confident my 5 year project will become commercially viable and protected by a US patent.”
-Y. Saleem, Inventor
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