Illumina Ordered to Pay Chinese Firm $333 Million in Patent Infringement Case

Illumina Ordered to Pay Chinese Firm $333 Million in Patent Infringement Case July 1, 2022Leave a comment

We’ve got some big news coming out of the Illumina vs. BGI court case, and we thought you’d want to know.

Illumina has been ordered to pay $333 million in damages to Chinese firm BGI for patent infringement. The jury also said Illumina infringed the patents willfully, and that three patents it had accused BGI’s San Jose-based Complete Genomics unit of infringing were invalid.

Both companies are major providers of genome-analysis technology used to detect genetic diseases. The companies have been embroiled in a global legal battle over their respective sequencing technologies, with court cases in countries including Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Illumina’s stock was down more than 14% Friday following the verdict—but it wasn’t all bad news! Complete Genomics said they were pleased with the award, saying it vindicates their position that no infringement occurred and that they don’t expect any impact on current operations or future product plans.

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We’ll keep you updated on this story as more information becomes available! 

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