NFTs Crypto: What the Future holds?

NFTs Crypto: What the Future holds? July 28, 2022Leave a comment

My friend and professional colleague Samson Williams has been making the rounds in the press lately

His message to black and brown investors in crypto…

Know the risk and don’t believe the hype…

Crypto is not going to redistribute wealth…

Or bridge the wealth gap between black and white

He’s spot on…

This is not a bandwagon take based on the beating crypto is taking in the market now









Before I tell you why?  Let’s go back in time…

Like Samson, I first heard about blockchain and bitcoin pre-2017

Before the crowd caught wind of it…


Unlike Samson, I wasn’t a huge believer in it early on…

My perception was greatly colored by how I was introduced to #cryptocurrency and #bitcoin

I was a USPTO patent examiner in cryptography and network security…

When I saw blockchain, especially bitcoin

It was used as a way to …

Launder money on the dark web…










Circa 2009-2010…

#Bitcoin was the main currency used to

Buy drugs and illicit items anonymously on the internet…

Buy/sell internationally on a criminal black market without a trace…

Then there was the Mt Gox, Silk Road fiascos









Today #crypto and #bitcoin are trends. 

Trends are cool.

But as a #founder always remember you are building a business not a trend. 

Businesses produce profits. 










Trend hopping in the guise of doing business can get you into hot water with the #SEC









Chasing trends may attract investors and buzz, but establishing real business traction and revenues is what sustains your business.

You must have a business.









Ignoring this fact doesn’t help you make gains in the market…

It can get you left behind.









In business, keep the #OneThing first.  If you chase two rabbits, you end up with none.

This is why we emphasize strategy first at @PatentInsider

Not simply strategy but alignment with your business vision and goals.

Chasing the next trend may be sexy but not lasting.

Sound business wins in the end.  The future is not going to be a gimmick.  It’s going to be real innovation. 

Maybe #NFTs and #crypto and #metaverse will be a big part of it.  But a real business has to exist behind the trend.

Otherwise you go bust.


If you serious about building innovation. 

If you have something real. 

Call us, comment, or DM us and we’ll help build your winning IP business strategy!

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