Patent Insider Client Success Story – Lokdon LLC

Patent Insider Client Success Story – Lokdon LLC January 20, 2022Leave a comment



Patent Insider Client Success Story: Lokdon LLC Receives SCRA Acceleration Grant

December 14, 2021 | Patent Insider Reports

Josiah Umezurike founded Lokdon in 2017.  He describes the company as follows, “We create solutions that protect online privacy and secure corporations’ and clients’ information.” LokDon has built robust, fast, low-cost, patented keyless authentication and platform-agnostic Security module as a software service (SMAASS) designed to keep you information a secret before and after you might share it with anyone. Keyless authentication and platform-agnostic endpoint-to-endpoint encryption for B2B.”

Patent Insider has secured a number of patents for Lokdon’s security software establishing the beginnings of a robust patent portfolio that protects the company’s intellectual property.






“Hard work pays off… We have planted a seed in this land. It will flourish and grow to shelter all under it with roots deep into the hearth of mother-earth.”

– Josiah J. Umezurike, Founder & CEO – Lokdon LLC



December 14, 2021 | Columbia Regional Business Report |

6 S.C. startups join SCRA fold

S.C. startups in industries ranging from cybersecurity to pet insurance have received funding and support from the South Carolina Research Authority.

Six companies, including three based in Columbia, have been accepted as SCRA member companies, while two others have received $50,000 acceleration grants from the nonprofit corporation chartered to fuel innovation in the state.

LokDon LLC, a cybersecurity and software development business founded by Josiah J. Umezurike, uses patented keyless authentication to encrypt data before and after it is shared to the internet. The company, whose clients include the USC/Columbia Technology Incubator, is one of six new SCRA member companies.  (reprinted courtesy of Columbia Business Report)

December 14, 2021 | SCRA PRESS RELEASES

Summerville, S.C. – Infinity Collar, Lokdon, Offeroo, Rainwalk Technology, Ruffian Software, and Xpress Group Inc. were accepted as SCRA Member Companies. ADoH Scientific and LifeTagger received new grant funding. All SCRA Member Companies receive coaching, access to experts in SCRA’s Resource Partner Network, eligibility to apply for grant funding, and the potential to be considered for an investment from SCRA’s investment affiliate, SC Launch, Inc.

LokDon LLC has been accepted as an SCRA Member Company. The Columbia-based startup developed a robust, fast, low-cost, security module as a software service using patented keyless authentication and platform-agnostic internet protocols designed to keep online information secure before and after it been shared. (reprinted courtesy of South Carolina Research Authority)

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