Patent Insider Secrets: What Do You Put In Your Pitch Deck? + Bonus VC Secrets from McKeever (Mac) Conwell of RareBreed Ventures

Patent Insider Secrets: What Do You Put In Your Pitch Deck? + Bonus VC Secrets from McKeever (Mac) Conwell of RareBreed Ventures August 1, 2022Leave a comment

#SaaS #Founders #IPquestions #AMA

What do you share in your pitch deck when looking for #VC #funding ?

What do you keep close to the vest to make sure your IP is protected?

Should you be worried about a VC stealing your idea at a pitch?

Q&A Format:

Q: What do you share in the pitch deck?

A: the why, problem you solve, your positioning in the market, what results your solution will produce.

Q: What do you keep close to the vest?

A: the secret sauce, the how, the tech details, your technological advantage.









Q: Will a VC steal my idea?

A: First of all the VC is in the investment business. They need their fund to generate high #ROI

They also are looking for a values fit for their portfolio of companies.

What they are investing in is you, the founder… They’re investing in your vision they’re investing in your drive they’re investing in your team.

They’re investing in their belief and confidence on your ability to execute, generate profit, and make huge ROI.

They’re not in the business of sabotaging their investments.

This question is usually from a #SaaS #founder who’s #preMVP or seeking seed funding.









So here’s the other side of things.

Yes, your slide deck will be shared…it happens even when you put CONFIDENTIAL on it.

VCs vet company ideas from experts in the space which may include your deck being passed to founders, competitors, or other VCs.

This happens from time to time and should be expected.









Realize that you are not the only founder trying to solve this problem.

There may be a competitor at the same pitch presenting their vision and solution which may be close to yours.

Remember VCs are investing in you, your vision, your team, and belief in your execution.









Finally if your IP can be stolen from a pitch deck and your business will flame out, it may be that your idea wasn’t strong enough to begin with.

Remember your pitch deck should only contain the 30,000 ft idea… not the secret sauce.









We help seed-stage SaaS founders get clarity on current/potential IP assets, get foundational IP protection, and increase the value of their company.

We have experience delivering fundamental IP protection solutions to companies innovating disruptive technologies that have impactful market potential and provide significant value.

In 2022, we will help at least 40 #startups with a focus on #diversity #underrepresented and #minority #founders gain clarity on their IP assets, provide comprehensive IP strategy, roadmap, plan, and implementation including drafting & filing patents, managing patent portfolios.

In 2022, we will help at least 40 #SaaS #startups #diversity #LatinX #underrepresented #women #minority #founders avoid IP disasters, secure patents, and increase the value of their company #PatentInsiderStartup

Comment or DM for more.

In the meantime, check out these tips on what goes in your pitch deck from RareBreed Ventures, McKeever (Mac) Conwell!

1/15 An oldie but goodie, some light holiday reading –

What I look for in a pitch deck -Intro -Problem -Solution -Market Size -Business Model -Traction -Pipeline -3-5 Year Projections -Go-to-Market Strategy -Competition -Team -Ask -Closing #vc #startup #funding #pitch







2/15 The Intro slide is just a simple slide with the company name or logo, the CEO’s name, and some contact information #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

3/15 The Problem slide is your chance to humanize the problem you are solving. I like a story using a real-world example to make the problem real and human and draw in the investors. remember the art of pitching is the art of storytelling. #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

4/15 The Solution slide is where you talk about your product or solution and why it’s so great without diving too deep and going into too many features (a common mistake) #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

5/15 The Market slide is where you talk about how big your market is. It is common to use this slide to show how big your market is and what is the initial segment of the market you will go for. #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch









6/15 The Business Model slide is where you talk about how you make money and talk about your unit economics. Please know your unit economics #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

7/15 The Traction slide is your chance to brag. Talk about your growth over some period of time. focus on non-vanity metrics (metrics that affect the bottom line or user use). Remember anything over 0 is something worth talking about #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

8/15 The Pipeline slide is where you talk about, if you are a B2B company, the list of potential customers you are in talks with and at different levels of conversations. This is also a chance for you to talk about your sales cycle #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

9/15 3-5 year projections is one founder hate but it’s not really about the projections itself. It’s about how you are thinking about growing/scaling your company and what assumptions you are making to accomplish that scale. #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

10/15 Go-to-market slide talks about your customer acquisition strategies. If you know me, this is my favorite slide lol. talk about the different channels or ways you are planning to get customers. #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch








11/15 The Competition slide is where you get to showcase how well you know the competition in the market both direct and indirect, while only talking about how you’re better. Don’t tell me what your competition does, only what they don’t do #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

12/15 Team slide is a chance to brag about your team and what you have done before and don’t pass over if you have ever worked on anything together. Keep in mind to add your advisors but they aren’t your team. #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

13/15 The Ask slide is where you say how much you are raising and why #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

14/15 the Closing slide is like the intro. Just have your logo or company name with your contact info and end with giving a summary of why your company is awesome and should get investment. #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

15/15 This isn’t a perfect deck as every investor looks for different things but a deck like this will give me the information needed to figure out if I want to meet you or not. Hope this is helpful #vc #startup #funding #founders #pitch

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