Sage Advice for DIY Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Founders!

Sage Advice for DIY Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Founders! April 28, 2022Leave a comment

For some entrepreneurs, #DIY is who you are.  Do it yourself is the only way you’re going to do it.  It’s in your DNA.  It’s your personality.  It’s the way you see the world. 

Whether your DIY disposition was developed by being burned too many times before or whether is youthful folly and naivete surrounding the hidden realities of startups and innovation, its who you are at this point in time.  It doesn’t matter whether you got here by nature or by nurture, DIY is the lens through which you see your worldview.

That’s fine…

DIY is a useful perspective.  In fact, it helps to maintain this as you grow.  It can become a useful character trait for self-accountability, discipline, and achieving massive growth.  But there are limiting consequences for staying in the DIY mindset too long.  And you need to be ready to pay the cost.

As long as you’re willing to pay every penny for tuition…to the School that is universal and has an excellent track record.


Most major in:



⚠️Hitting Heads Against the Wall⚠️

Most awarded degrees are in:

✅Overcoming Adversity

✅Unshakable focus

✅ Consistent Discipline

✅ Unbreakable Determination

✅ Remarkable Character Development

The school is called…

The School of Hard Knocks…

Class starts from your initial efforts and lasts until you either quit or die trying to accomplish your goals.

The grades are given in experiences, lumps, setbacks, failures, wins, and losses.

But it’s not a failure if you don’t quit.  Just part of the journey.

There are better ways or let’s say more effective and efficient ways to get to your goal.

❇️ Have a clear goal…

❇️ Hire an expert…

❇️ Hire a trusted advisor…

❇️ Get an accountability partner…

❇️ Get a coach…

❇️ Get a business advisor…

But some entrepreneurs will do this and still choose to DIY…And that’s ok…

At Patent Insider Startup, we save SMEs and business owners from IP disasters.

We even have means and methods for those who are DIY or those who’d like to learn more about IP. 

Here are some free resources:

  1. from the USPTO, please check out these May offerings for their free webinar below.

  1. Free download: Patent Insider’s Complete Guide to Patent Law

Schedule a strategy session with our team if you’d like us to help you along the way or just download the ebook because you DIY all the way!


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