The Silicon Valley Bank Crisis: How IP Assets Help Recoup Losses

The Silicon Valley Bank Crisis: How IP Assets Help Recoup Losses March 14, 2023Leave a comment

I understand that the situation surrounding the recent seizure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is concerning. Panic has swept through the VC/startup world and to bank customers in general as the bank’s assets are now being sold to cover losses.





























It’s important to take a moment to consider the impact this could have on the industry and the entrepreneurs who rely on SVB for support. As we await further information, let us hope that the sale of these assets will be handled with care and consideration for their value to the technology and innovation sectors.


As an intellectual property professional, I’m always fascinated by the unique ways that companies use their IP to create value. Recently, like many of you, I learned that when a bank is seized, its assets are sold to cover losses. Well, as you know, some of those assets can be intellectual property assets.

This got me thinking about Silicon Valley Bank and the patents, trademarks, and copyrights they own. After digging through the records, I discovered some really interesting IP assets owned by SVB.

  1. They own several trademarks associated with their name brand and logos. I’m sure these may have a negative value in light of recent events.

2. SVB also owns an extensive patent portfolio. Sometimes, banks will take an ownership interest in the patents of companies they invest in as collateral in case a company defaults. Depending on the associated technology, the companies and technologies related to these patents may bring in good value.

Whether these IP Assets are of any value and will help stop the bleeding is yet to be seen.

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