Why Trinidad James Get PAID For Bruno Mars Uptown Funk? … How Artists Get Paid By Owning Their IP!

Why Trinidad James Get PAID For Bruno Mars Uptown Funk? … How Artists Get Paid By Owning Their IP! August 3, 2022Leave a comment

Did you know that protecting your #intellectualproperty isn’t enough?

You must have a strategy to protect your IP.

You must have a strategy to enforce and defend your IP rights.

You must have a strategy to get paid from your IP.

When done right…

you can own your IP…

enforce your IP rights…

and get paid when someone else uses your IP.

There are many ways to generate revenue, value, and profits with intellectual property, especially by owning your publishing as an artist.

How To Get Paid For Your Song Catalog

To understand this, we need to take a more strategic look at IP.  Artists are selling their catalogs for $100M plus in the headlines today.  What exactly are they selling and why is it worth that much?

At Patent Insider, we break down IP into three different pillars:

  1. IP Asset Development & Fortification
  2. IP Enforcement & Defense
  3. IP Commercialization

IP Asset Development & Fortification

This is where you evaluate your potential IP, decide what you need to protect, and what legal tools you need to use to protect it.  More than likely, you will use a combination of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and policy agreements to build your IP portfolio.  As an artist this means understanding what intellectual property tools you need to employ to protect your works of art.  For example as a singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, or musician; making sure you are securing your songwriting, production, musical, or other contribution via a copyright.  If you have a stage name or rap moniker, making sure you have filed a registered trademark for it.  Also making sure you have gone over all your contracts, paperwork, and ensure that you own your artistic creations.  Music industry contracts are notorious with their new 360 deals.  Make sure you have the proper legal entity to hold your IP so you can effectively leverage it later.

IP Enforcement & Defense

Enforcement and defense is all about fighting for your rights.  This takes place in a courtroom through litigation in infringement trials or at the US Patent and Trademark Office.  This is often very pricy and can be a business blood sport where winning may still cost you your business.  Kanye West is a frequent infringement offender, but he’s not alone.  With sampling music so prevalent in today’s music industry, protecting your rights is absolutely imperative so that you can ensure you are properly compensated if your composition is used in another composition without your express permission.

IP Commercialization

Commercialization is about leveraging your IP for value.  This is a broad canvas to paint on as creativity is your only limit when figuring out different ways to get paid.  Licensing your IP to others is one way to go.  In music, this is done by owning or selling rights to an artist’s catalog of music.  Michael Jackson purchased the Sony/ATV Music Catalog in 1980 for $41M.  At the time of his death, the Sony/ATV catalog was his biggest asset.  Even bigger than his own music catalog.  The Sony/ATV Music Catalog was a cash cow that generated regular recurring revenue.  Michael Jackson’s estate sold the catalog for $750M in 2016.   Why was the Sony/ATV Music catalog worth so much?   The catalog was an extensive catalog of several music artists.  It contained songs that are frequently used in commercials, movies, and sampled.  Every time this occurs, a licensing fee is paid.  This is where you want to be.  Building up your IP war chest of IP assets prepares you for this phase of transforming your ideas into revenue.









Then you can get “gold all in your watch” like Trinidad James every time Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk plays.

Or get paid like Sting every time Diddy’s I’ll Be Missing You plays.


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