Comedian Steve Harvey Claims ‘America’s Got Talent’ Stole His Idea

Comedian Steve Harvey Claims ‘America’s Got Talent’ Stole His Idea March 17, 2022Leave a comment

????“If we’re first to market, we really don’t need any real IP protection.”


????“Everybody working with me is under contract, why do we need IP protection?”


????“If I’m the producer or creator, it’s clear that it’s my idea…that’s my IP.”


Maybe this is the conversation that Comedian and Show Host Steve Harvey had when creating his show, Steve Harvey’s Big Time


However, he didn’t protect his IP…


In this recent article, he claims that both his idea and his producers were taken to produce “America’s Got Talent”…


This was done  without crediting him or providing him any licensing or income for his intellectual property.  


If his claims are true, then Steve Harvey missed out on his share of America’s Got Talent 16 seasons and the millions that have been made from this program.

It Pays to Secure your Intellectual Property


Is your IP secure?


What will you do if you have to face this IP disaster?


Are you prepared if someone steals your IP?


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