Milestone Mondays: 75 Hard Mental Toughness Challenge Completed

Milestone Mondays: 75 Hard Mental Toughness Challenge Completed March 15, 2022Leave a comment

On Friday, March 11, 2022, I completed the #75Hard #mentaltoughness #challenge.

During the process of completing this challenge…

❗️I have puked my guts out❗️

❗️I have poured buckets of sweat from my body❗️

❗️I have completed rehab treatment from a car accident❗️

❗️I have faced emotional demons❗️

❗️I have confronted hidden fears❗️

❗️I have bled❗️

❗️I have screamed❗️

❗️I have cried❗️

While this was a grueling process and an extreme fitness regimen, it was also…

❇️A moment to reset,

❇️A daily mental focus enhancement,

❇️A constant discipline enhancing tool,

❇️An all-out IRONMAN approach to tackling my daily goals and managing the business and emotions of my life.

During this challenge…

✅I drank more than 9,600 fluid ounces of water…

✅I started reading six books…

✅I completely read three books cover to cover…

✅I am on track to finish three more books…

✅I lost 33.8 lbs…

✅I dropped two pants sizes…

✅I rekindled then developed a greater, more insatiable appetite for self-improvement…


I made the decision to become an entrepreneur after one of the lowest and most challenging points in my life:

⭕️I lost my study abroad roommate to a senseless carjacking

⭕️We lost my father-in-law suddenly & unexpectedly

⭕️We lost my grandmother

????Rays of hope came through when our first son was born

????I decided to leave a job and start a business…

Initially, I welcomed the opportunity to have more time to focus on my health.

Little did I know that entrepreneurship would be even more of a rollercoaster than anything I had ever experienced before.

Building something from nothing has been so much harder for me than simply focusing on my career path and collecting a paycheck as an employee.  It continuously takes a level of focus, consistency, discipline, commitment, drive, and passion for success and achievement that is so intense, it can sometimes be mistaken for insanity, arrogance, or overconfidence.

While I have grown my business year after year, I was still allowing areas of my life to be impacted by the emotions surrounding the ebb and flow of business.  Dealing with this and the stressors surrounding life in a pandemic as a husband, father, and entrepreneur…

I decided I needed to level up.

This #75Hard challenge was just what the doctor ordered.

I’m thankful to my beautiful wife for recommending this challenge.

I’m grateful for her listening ear and patience as I battled through this.

I’m forever grateful to my 8 AM fitness crew! #Roy and #Peter you brothers pushed me to levels I didn’t think were possible.  Nothing but love.

I’m grateful to all the trainers and fitness professionals who have helped me over the years in my rollercoaster journey with fitness.

Thanks Andy Frisella for putting the program together.


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