The Importance of Trademarking Your Entire Business…Pinky Cole Shares Her $100M Slutty Vegan IP Strategy!!!

The Importance of Trademarking Your Entire Business…Pinky Cole Shares Her $100M Slutty Vegan IP Strategy!!! August 5, 2022Leave a comment

African American Woman Founder, Pinky Cole created the wildly successful vegan food chain, Slutty Vegan.









The business started in July 2018 with Pinky taking orders on Instagram and cooking the food using a “Ghost Kitchen” and making deliveries via UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates.

She quickly grew a following and started taking orders in her mobile food truck in Atlanta, Georgia.  It quickly grew to a brick-and-mortar location.









Now the brand has a huge following which Cole is using to open 13 restaurants over the next 2 years.

Slutty Vegan is now a phenomenon! Pinky has been featured in Essence magazine, Forbes magazine, the New York Times, and tons of other publications.









Her business is now valued at $100 Million.

In an interview with Earn Your Leisure, Pinky Cole shared the importance of protecting your intellectual property even when you’re a small business.  She shared the mindset behind her $100M business including her intellectual property strategy.

Even when you’re growing and every dollar matters, Cole stressed the importance of protecting your brand, your name, your social media handles, and all aspects of your marketing and uniqueness.

Patent Insider Universal IP strategy principles Found in Pinky’s Slutty Vegan Strategy

Conventional wisdom is to do it later

Put it off

I’ll get to it…

I’m sure you’ve heard it.

The truth is no one knows

the true value of your intellectual property

when you’re getting started

But you can calculate the risk of losing

everything you’ve built by not protecting it.


🚩Don’t wait until it’s too late.


🚩Don’t wait until your social media handles are stolen


🚩Don’t wait until you get a cease and desist


🚩Don’t wait until you’re being sued


🚩Don’t wait until you’re being copied


✅Take steps to protect yourself today


Check out the full interview here:



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