Should I Focus on Revenue OR Protect My IP….What To Do First?

Should I Focus on Revenue OR Protect My IP….What To Do First? August 25, 2022Leave a comment









Does this sound familiar?


You started your business


You’re selling your products


You don’t know whether to focus on growing your business


Or protecting your IP


Well guess what…there’s an easier way…











Both are important for your business.


If you don’t focus on sales you might go out of business


If you don’t protect your IP,  you risk losing your unique selling proposition to knockoffs and copycats.


But don’t just take my word for it!


e-commerce businesses have a strategy to protect their IP‼️


Amazon will remove copycats if you show them proof of IP protection


What does this mean?


✅You must have a strategy to enforce and defend your IP rights‼️


✅You must have a strategy to get paid from your IP‼️


🚩Don’t wait until it’s too late.


🚩Don’t wait until your social media handles are stolen


🚩Don’t wait until you get a cease and desist


🚩Don’t wait until you’re being sued


🚩Don’t wait until you’re being copied


✅Take steps to protect yourself today


Comment the word PATENT below and I’ll send you more info!

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